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IL business attorneyBusiness disputes arise in many different contexts, from disputes with suppliers or employees to disputes among co-owners of the business. Given that corporate law as it is practiced in the U.S. tends to be very Western and individualistic in its approach, it can be difficult for members of the Muslim community to integrate their own cultural and religious practices into the existing corporate law structures. For example, the practice of taking a business dispute to court can come into conflict with a Muslim business owner’s religious and cultural practices for resolving disputes.

When Western jurisprudence seems to diverge from the principles of Islamic law or Islamic cultural practices more generally when determining the outcome of a business dispute, the parties may consider turning to mediation. A form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation allows parties to a dispute to play an important role in the outcome of the situation all while being flexible with regard to the practices and styles of the mediation space.

How Mediation Can Be Flexible for Muslims Involved in Business Disputes


Illinois business lawyerWhat happens when owners or shareholders of a corporation have a business dispute? Does the dispute always result in litigation, or are there ways to manage disputes so as to avoid litigation entirely? Board of directors disputes happen more often than people might expect. In order to do what is best for the business, it is important to get these disputes settled as quickly as possible and to get back to work on the goals of the business.

What Does a Board of Directors Do?

Before we discuss options for handling board of directors disputes, it is important to understand exactly what it is that a board of directors does in a corporation. Setting up a corporate board of directors is one of the first steps when creating a corporation. The individuals who make up the board of directors have a number of different duties, including but not limited to:


Illinois real estate attorneyBuying or selling gas stations in DuPage County can be a lucrative business. However, for first-time buyers and sellers, as well as more experienced small business owners, it is important to have a dedicated Oakbrook Terrace small business law attorney on your side. The process of buying and selling gas stations can be complex, and it is a niche industry. With help from an experienced advocate, you can ensure that you are making the best possible deal with all of the necessary information.

Benefits of Comparison: Know What You Are Buying or Selling, and Know What It Is Worth

One of the most important steps in buying or selling a gas station is understanding what the best price might be, and how to read comparison numbers. According to an article in the Business Buyer Resource Center, it is often difficult for small business owners to assess the value of a gas station. Whether you are buying or selling, there are “many variables involved with gas stations for sale,” and as such, “prices and profits vary greatly.”


Illinois business attorney, Illinois business lawsIf you have a small business in DuPage County or are considering starting your own business, why do you need to have a lawyer? A DuPage County business law attorney can consult on a wide variety of issues that your small business might face. While there are many aspects of running a small business that you may be able to handle on your own, it is important to have experienced counsel who can guide you through the issues you are likely to face as a small business owner.

Why Do I Need to Work with a Small Business Lawyer?

There are many aspects of running a small business that you can handle on your own. For instance, choosing a name for your business and even developing a business plan may be relatively easy for you to manage, especially if you have experience in business. However, there are many issues for which it is important to be able to consult with a DuPage County business law attorney. At Farooqi & Husain Law Office, we regularly consult with small business owners on some of the following issues:


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Illinois business attorney, Illinois business lawsIs your small business healthy when it comes to legal risks and vulnerabilities? It can be exciting to start a small business in Oakbrook Terrace and to begin the process of structuring your business and hiring employees, but many legal complications can arise. When most small business owners hear the term “audit,” they think of a tax audit or an accounting audit. Legal audits are very different. Legal audits refer to a small business owner hiring a DuPage County business law attorney who can review the operations of your business to determine whether you are likely to encounter any legal problems.

When you run a small business, there are already many complicating matters that arise on a daily or weekly basis concerning your company. You should not have the extra anxiety of worrying about whether your business is at risk of a legal issue. A business lawyer in Oakbrook Terrace with experience assisting Muslim small business owners can speak with you today.

What Happens during a Legal Audit?


Illinois business attorney, Illinois corporate lawDo you have a business in DuPage County and are considering entering into a strategic partnership? Or are you thinking about forming a startup company in the Oakbrook Terrace area and wondering how you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with another small business or company? Strategic partnerships are agreements between two companies that are not in competition with one another, and they are agreements that benefit both companies. If you are looking to grow your company, strategic partnerships can help in a number of ways — from issues surrounding marketing to supply chains to technology.

Strategic partnerships are one way that you can expand, and it is important to learn more about strategic partnerships and, ultimately, how you should structure the deal.

Small Businesses and Strategic Partnership Agreements


Illinois businee attorney, Illinois business lawsDo you have a business in DuPage County? Do you work with an off-site bookkeeping service? Many Muslim small business owners in Oakbrook Terrace and nearby communities want to ensure the success and profitability of their businesses, and hiring an off-site bookkeeping service is an effective way to save on your taxes, have cleaner books, and ultimately to assess how the business is doing.

At Farooqi & Husain Law Office, our dedicated DuPage County business lawyers have years of experience assisting members of the Muslim community and helping our clients to maintain strong businesses. If you have questions about why you should hire an off-site bookkeeping service, an experienced DuPage County business lawyer can speak with you today.

Dealing with Complicated Business Issues


Illinois business attorney, Illinois business structureWhen you have a small business in Oakbrook Terrace, it is extremely important to have an accountant and a lawyer on your side. While an accountant can sometimes answer questions that might seem relevant for your attorney and vice versa, both accountants and lawyers can help with specific tasks related to the finances and day-to-day running of your business.

For many members of the Muslim community in DuPage County who form small businesses, you should understand the importance of working with an accountant and a business law attorney. At Farooqi & Husain Law Office, we have been serving Muslim clients in Oakbrook Terrace for years and can provide you with some helpful information to get you started.

Choosing a Small Business Structure


Illinois business attorney, Illinois business laws, DuPage County business lawyerFor members of the Oakbrook Terrace Muslim community who are thinking about launching new business enterprise, it can be complicated to figure out how to draft an owner’s agreement. Different business structures have different forms of owner’s agreements.

The U.S. Small Business Administration helps to explain the distinctions among different kinds of business structures and the ways in which owner’s agreements can differ. Depending upon the type of business structure you have selected, your owner’s agreement will be entitled differently, but it should generally contain similar information. For instance, if you are forming a corporation, then you will need to create a shareholder agreement. If you are launching an LLC, however, you will need to create an operating agreement.

The information that you ultimately include in the owner’s agreement will provide guidance for handling a wide variety of issues that might arise at a later point in the life of the business. You should always discuss your situation with an experienced Oakbrook Terrace business lawyer before making decisions about a new business. An advocate at Farooqi & Husain Law Office can speak with you today.


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Islamic business attorney, Illinois business attorney, Illinois business law,Are you in the process of forming a business or expanding a business venture? Do you have plans for upcoming business negotiations or business litigation? No matter what kind of business law issue you currently are facing, it is extremely important to seek advice from an experienced DuPage County business law attorney. Dealing with contracts and other business agreements can sometimes result in complications for the Muslim community.

Negotiating Business Contracts

For Muslims in the business world, it is important to understand the relationship between business law and the terms set forth for doing business in the Quran. Generally speaking, for contracts to be valid under U.S. civil law, they must have two elements according to the U.S. Small Business Administration:


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