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It can be difficult for a person of Islamic faith to engage in estate planning in accordance with Shari'ah law. The lawyers at Farooqi & Husain Law Office believe fulfilling this religious duty should be made easier for Muslims, and we work hard to offer our clients the most knowledgeable information and guidance regarding this issue. To that ensure your estate will be disposed of in accordance with Islamic principles, it is crucial to work with attorneys who know and understand those principles. According to these principles, you do not have an absolute right to your wealth, as it is a trust given by Allah. The Islamic faith dictates that your wealth will be one of the first things to be questioned on the Day of Judgment. As such, our attorneys work with leading Islamic scholars to ensure that your estate plan is in strict accordance with Islamic laws.

Specific Islamic Mandates Regarding Inheritance

Unlike western inheritance laws in which each individual is in complete control of his or her estate, Islamic law mandates specifics regarding inheritance issues, believing heirs have legal and moral rights to their fair share of an inheritance. Lacking a will, your assets will be allocated according to the determinations of the state of Illinois, which could deny your heirs their rightful share of your inheritance. Attorneys Ausaf Farooqi and Naveed S. Husain can assist you with an Islamic will to manage your estate or a trust that sets aside property or assets that will benefit your children, spouse, or other named persons.

Extensive Knowledge of Islamic Law and Your Estate Planning

Our Chicago Muslim wills and trusts attorneys work hard to provide you with the reliable and responsive legal representation you need and deserve. Our firm emphasizes attention to detail, as well as creative billing structures for all your estate planning needs. We have considerable experience in the preparation of Islamic wills and trusts. As our clients, you will never be a case number, and you will always work directly with an attorney.

Chicago Muslim Wills and Trusts Attorneys

While Islamic inheritance law is a part of the local common laws in Muslim countries, these laws do not exist in the United States. Therefore, a conscientiously drafted will, sometimes in conjunction with a trust, is crucial. While your will and trusts will be as unique as you are, the attorneys at Farooqi & Husain Law Office will ensure all of the following are made a part of your chosen trusts and wills, as well as any other details specific to you:

  • The names of one or more executors for your will;
  • The provisions for your Islamic funeral and burial detail such issues as: no cremation or casket, burial at a Muslim cemetery, and a Janaza prayer at a mosque as soon after your death as possible;
  • The guardianship of your children, depending on which qualified family members are alive at the time of your death;
  • A clause stating that all your debts will be paid off first, including your funeral expenses;
  • How your estate, including real estate, will be divided up according to Islamic law;
  • The legal status of your business or partnership following your death; and
  • Your wishes for donating a portion of your estate to an Islamic charity (no more than one-third, according to Islamic law).

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If you are in need of a Muslim attorney to prepare your will and trust(s), speaking to the Chicago Muslim wills and trusts attorneys at our law firm could be the best move you make. Contact us today at 630-909-9114. We represent clients in DuPage County, Cook County, Will County, and Kane County.

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