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Your will—also known as a Last Will and Testament—can protect your loved ones and your assets. Your will allows you to leave your property and assets to the people you choose, as well as to name a personal guardian to care for your minor children after your death. You can also name an executor in your will, which is a trusted person who will ensure the terms of your will are properly carried out. Should you die without a will, your hard-earned assets will be distributed under Illinois “intestacy” laws, which distribute your property to your closest relatives. The state will begin with your spouse and children; if you have neither, your grandchildren or parents will receive your property.

The list will continue to increasingly distant relatives. If the court goes through the list and turns up no living relatives, whatever you own becomes the property of the state of Illinois. This means that even if you wanted your property left to a charity, church, or other organization, without a will, the state of Illinois will be given your property and assets.

Your will must be signed in front of two witnesses whom must also sign the will. While you do not have to have your will notarized to make it legal, a notarized will becomes self-proving, meaning it will go through probate much more quickly. It is a very good idea to have an attorney experienced in will preparation and Illinois law to prepare your will and ensure it is witnessed and notarized properly.

Custom Illinois Last Will and Testament Solutions

You may wonder why you should hire an attorney to prepare your will rather than filling out a do-it-yourself form. There are a number of good reasons, but consider the fact that a process which has such an extremely serious outcome should perhaps be worth more than a half-hour of your time filling in the blanks. These do-it-yourself, one-size-fits-all wills can give you a very false sense of security. In other words, you could be executing a document which has a significant number of legal flaws and may not hold up in court. If you truly want peace of mind, speak to an attorney at the Farooqi & Husain Law Office. Our DuPage County will preparation attorneys always engage in consistent communication with our clients.

Building Strong Attorney-Client Relationships

Attorneys Naveed S. Husain and Ausaf Farooqi believe in maintaining a community-based law firm, as well as letting clients know up front exactly what they will get for their money. We work hard to educate our clients about the will preparation process and ensure they get a finished product which is not only exactly what they wanted, but truly gives them peace of mind. We understand that deciding to have a will prepared can be a difficult decision, and that preserving and protecting your assets can be a complex process. Our DuPage County will preparation attorneys will spend enough time discussing your specific situation that we will have a clear understanding of what you hope to accomplish. We will take that information and prepare an original, custom-fit will which will provide for your loved ones in the future.

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The lawyers at the Farooqi & Husain Law Office strive to help our clients through every stage of their lives, building and maintaining honest, professional, close relationships with them. We possess the legal experience and knowledge of Illinois laws to recommend protective actions on your behalf. If you want to ensure your last wishes are memorialized correctly, contact our attorneys today at 630-909-9114.

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