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Immigration, Foreclosure Defense, and Probate Services

While our attorneys focus primarily on family law, estate planning, business litigation and criminal law, we are also extremely experienced in other legal areas, including immigration law, foreclosure defense, probate and guardianship issues. No matter what area of law we are practicing, we strive for solid communication with our clients. Our attorneys are extremely responsive, getting back with clients within 24 hours in most cases. We do our best to turn the burden of legal expenses into a manageable financial structure. We are community based and work hard to get the results you deserve, no matter your legal issue.

Oakbrook Terrace Immigration Lawyers

Immigration issues are increasingly complex, requiring a knowledgeable attorney to navigate the legalities. Given the challenges faced by immigrants new to the United States, it is imperative you speak to a skilled DuPage County immigration lawyer who will advocate strongly on your behalf. Attorneys Naveed S. Husain and Ausaf Farooqi focus on helping individuals and businesses achieve immigration goals and comply with all immigration requirements.

The lawyers at the Farooqi & Husain Law Office can assist you in obtaining green cards, being granted permanent residency, obtaining family and employment visas and helping clients with citizenship or naturalization issues. We understand how important it is for you or a family member to remain in America legally, providing all immigration clients with personal, financially feasible legal services. We listen to your concerns, determine your goals, and devise an appropriate immigration strategy for you.

Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

If your home is on the verge of foreclosure, our attorneys understand you may be feeling frightened and unsure of what you need to do to save your home. Due to fraudulent and predatory lending practices, there is, universally, more sympathy toward financially troubled homeowners. Our Oakbrook Terrace foreclosure attorneys can tailor your foreclosure defense to fit your individual circumstances, however some of the potential defenses available include:

  • Violation of the Truth in Lending Act;
  • Unclean hands—the lender must not have contributed to the default;
  • The standing of the lender with respect to whether the institution is registered to do business in the State of Illinois;
  • Violations to the Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act;
  • Instances of fraud on the part of the lender, including an over-inflated appraisal or violations of fiduciary obligations;
  • Violations of the Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices Act; and
  • Jurisdictional violations.

Probate and Guardianship Issues

Probate is a court-managed process through which a person’s estate is administered after death, including debts paid and distributions made to designated heirs. The lawyers at the Farooqi & Husain Law Office have a significant amount of experience representing the families of decedents who must administrate estates and trusts. Whether your probate issue is straightforward or complex, our DuPage County probate lawyers can help.

As far as guardianships, we understand that life is unpredictable, and we can assist families who want to establish guardianships for minor children or disabled adults or plan for parental incapacity. The guardianship process can be greatly expedited by naming a guardian in estate plans; while this does not negate the necessity of a formal guardianship proceeding, it does let the court know what the parent’s wishes are. If you have already been granted guardianship, there are numerous legal requirements which must be complied with, and our attorneys can ensure those requirements are fully met.

For experienced, knowledgeable legal assistance in these areas and many more, contact our attorneys at 630-909-9114.

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